Managing a Blog

Hey friends!

It’s actually not that easy to manage a blog, even though you promised yourself that you’re going to write a lot of blog posts so your family and friends are updated in Germany. That’s not the only reason, I’m also doing it for me but most of you should know that.

I just wanted to let you guys know that I didn’t forget about you and that I try to post a lot of stuff on here but it doesn’t work out how I want it. I even have a list about things I want to share with you and most of them are from last year… I’m sorry!

I actually share a lot on social media because it doesn’t take that much time but sitting in front of the laptop, trying to figure out how to write those posts, so that people read it, is actually difficult. My goal is to post most of the things before I fly back.

I don’t even know if this blog is still going to be online after my exchange year. I hope that people can at least read it. If not, I will try to find another page where I can have a blog because I think that some of my American friends are actually reading this and would like me to share some stuff about Germany.

Hope you guys understand and don’t get mad at me.


Thanksgiving – Part 2

On Thanksgiving we drove to Grandma’s house. It’s 2 hours away from Greenville. Will got sick that day, that wasn’t fun at all but at least we all could go to celebrate Thanksgiving together. When we arrived Grandma was almost done with cooking. She did a great job! We had Turkey, veggies, casserole and mashed potatoes. It was similar to the food we had at our house but better!


We all ate together and after that I talked a lot to uncle Brian and Grandpa. It was nice to have a smaller round this time and I love that I got to celebrate Thanksgiving twice.

A lot of exchange students look forward to Thanksgiving because you get to meet the whole family and that’s the time where you feel that you are part of the family! That’s at least how it was for me. I enjoy remembering those days and it just makes me happy.

Thanksgiving – Part 1

When I think about the US I start thinking about Thanksgiving. I heard that it is a popular holiday for people that live in the US. We even got off from school during that time and it was the first time that I saw how shops were closed.

Friends and Family members come together to celebrate that special holiday. My host family had two Thanksgiving Parties this year. The first one was at our home and with the family from Susan. It was the week before Thanksgiving break. About 30 people came over and we all ate together. We had so much food and it was just awesome!

The day before they came over we already started to cook food. We made Old Fashioned Creme Pie and Pumpkin Pie. It’s always a lot of fun to cook with Susan. Also, Sophie, Lucy, Will and I had to clean up the basement because the younger kids were going to sit downstairs and eat there.

Brad started to prepare the Turkey in the morning. We had two big ones. That’s how one of them looked like:

My host family went to church that day but I didn’t. I stayed home and helped Susan’s sister to cook for the evening.

At 4pm people started to come over and we all ate together. Yes, Thanksgiving means eating Food together. Well, not really but that’s how I explain it!

The teens were in the Family room and the adults were in the living room. Later the kids came upstairs and we all played together. It was a lot of fun!

I just love that spirit and that the whole family came together. Even Susan’s sister from Pennsylvania came with her family. It was a great experience.

Homecoming Dance

09/16 one of the best days so far.

Our Homecoming Dance was on that day and I was so excited! Every exchange student is looking forward to Homecoming because we don’t have something like that in Germany and I don’t understand why ?! It’s just awesome. I’m so happy that I had the opportunity to go to Homecoming. It’s a school dance for all grades.

My day started at 9 a.m. I woke up and took a shower. I had to dry my hair because later we had an appointment at a salon to have our hair done. I had breakfast and prepared all the stuff I’m going to wear. Sophie did prepared her make up so that Kirsten could do her eye make up after we come back. At 1 p.m. we had our appointment and Sophie started. During that time Susan helped me with my nails. I chose a blue color for my nails. After Sophie finished it was my turn and Sophie got some sandwiches for us. We had a lot of fun there. We were in Troy and there were also other girls that had Homecoming that day. We talked a lot with them.

Here you can see how my hair looked like:

After that we drove home and I prepared my make up while Kirsten was doing Sophie’s. She finished Sophie’s make up and then it was my turn. She did a good job.

Usually you meet with some friends (or your date) to take some pictures at a special location but we didn’t have time for that so we took pictures in front of our house.

Here is one of it:

After taking the pictures some of our friends arrived at our home. They looked beautiful! So we had dinner all together. We had a tent in the back yard where we could all sit together. Everybody brought some food to eat and it was delicious. Before we left we played a game all together and that was fun too. We all drove to the school and there was already a long line. So we were standing there for a few minutes and took again some pictures:

The dance place was in the gym and the room was dark when we entered. The DJ was playing nice music and we all started to dance. We danced a lot that evening. I had to take my high heels off after 30 minutes. We danced in big groups and also got some opportunities to dance with a partner. I had a slow dance with a boy and I will never forget that even though it was just for a few seconds. I met a lot of friends and they all looked great! The time was over so fast what made me really sad. After the dance I had to stay a bit longer because Sophie had to help to clean up. Sarah invited us to her house so we changed our clothes and stayed for a bit at her house. We had a bonfire, danced and laughed a lot. I met a lot of people that are now good friends. It was a very fun evening and as I said I really miss it. I’m so thankful that I had the opportunity to spend that day with my friends.

Homecoming Week

We had Homecoming week from 09/11 until 09/15. It was a lot of fun. I didn’t know that they do that before Homecoming. In Germany it is like “Motto-Woche” but the whole school is participating. Also the elementary school is dressing up even though they don’t have the Homecoming dance.

On Monday it was Blue-White-Red Day. I was wearing a white blouse, blue jeans and my red necklace. Nothing special. Our French teacher took a picture from us because those are also the colors from France.

Tuesday was Hat-Day. That was a lot of fun because my Microsoft Office teacher gave me a hat I can wear. It was a parrot so my friends were laughing at me. However they were proud that I was wearing it. I always took it off when I was walking through the hallway.

( I’m sorry that I can’t turn the picture)

I had to dress up like in the 50s on Wednesday. It took me so long to find out what I could do to look like in the 50s. I had nothing special to wear for that day but I tried to do my hair like in the 50s. I had like a “roll” on my head, with a bandanna and I tied my hair back. I’m going to post a picture how it looked like but not from me because mine didn’t look that good. (If you want to have a picture from me you can text me and maybe I’m going to send it to you.)

On Thursday I was wearing a grey “Junior”-shirt. I bought it here from my school. Each grade had a color to wear and each grade designed a shirt they can wear on that day. I’m so proud of my shirt and it just looks amazing.

Friday was the last dress up day. It was Green-White day. I was just wearing my green spirit T-shirt.

During the week there were a lot of Homecoming activities after school but I wasn’t able to go to them because I had soccer practice. However our coach cancelled practice on Thursday because that was a special day. We had the Homecoming Parade and the powder-puff game.

The Parade was before the game. Every Grade had like a car they decorated. I don’t really know Juniors and my friends are mostly Sophomores and Seniors, so I was walking with the Sophomores because it was the last parade from the Seniors, so it was more special for them. We were having music and were walking through Greenville to our school. We were screaming thinks like “We got spirit, yes we do. We got spirit, how about you?”, “I believe that we will win”, “Beat the Freshmen” and “We got spirit. Yeah! We got spirit. Yeah! We got whop-whop-whop-whop…”. It was soooo funny!

After the parade we were at the gym and sang spirit-songs. After that we were watching the powder-puff game. It is football but girls are playing it. Senior girls vs. Junior girls and Sophomore girls vs. Freshmen girls. Junior and Sophomores won.

On Friday we had Pep-Assembly. I was sitting with the Seniors and we were playing with balloons and so on. The Homecoming Court had to play a game and teachers got cake in their face. Everybody was screaming and the cheerleaders were dancing. I had a lot of fun During that week.



Everyday Sunday I have to go to church with my host family. In this blog post I would like to share how church is like.

Probably most of you can’t imagine how it is. I mean, before I went to church I thought I can imagine how it is but I couldn’t. It’s not how I thought it is going to be.

I have to wake up at 8 a.m in the morning to prepare myself and eat breakfast. My parents in Germany are probably very proud because usually I sleep until 11 a.m Sundays. At 9 o’clock we drive to our church. Sometimes all together and there are days were we drive without Sophie because she has to be at church earlier. That’s when she has to play piano. At 9:15 a.m “school” starts. I call like that. In this 45 minutes we learn more about the bible. We read a lot and talk about the meaning. It’s like analyzing the bible. I’m always very tired and I usually don’t understand what they are talking about. I still try to pay attention.

After “school” we have like 30 minutes where Kirsten, Sophie and I get a snack, sit down and talk about everything that’s going on. Kirsten doesn’t go to the GHS so there is always a lot we have to talk about.

After that worship starts. We sing a lot of songs all together and then the pastor is talking about the bible. We have a sheet of paper where we have to fill in the blanks. The pastor uses PowerPoint what is really impressing haha. Before we finish we sing again songs.

Before leaving the church we try to say goodbye to everybody. My host family knows a lot of people that means we have more people have to say goodbye to.

Last week we had a picknick at church and that was awesome! It was nice to be with all together and we had a lot of fun. Also, Enric (Spanish exchange student) and his host brother Ben were there. The small kids were playing a lot of games and we were jamming inside. After that, we were singing songs with all the kids and adults. We had home made ice cream at the end. It was really good.

Even though I explained you what church is like I'[m not sure if you can imagine how it is. I think you have to experience by yourself. Also, every church is different.

First Day Of School

Today was my first day of school! I was so nervous. During the night I woke up like three times because I didn’t want to sleep in, even though I knew Sophie is going to wake me up and I had two alarms. I woke up at 6 a.m and took a shower while Sophie was putting on some make up. I already prepared my backpack, clothes and lunch in the evening so I wasn’t in a hurry. I ate cereals and Susan took a ‘First day of school picture’. We left the house at 7:25 a.m and Susan drove us to school. There were a lot of students when we arrived. Sophie walked with me to my homeroom and then I was alone. Then I realized I’m at my new high school and I have to talk to other people. I walked into that room and my teacher told me where I should sit down. There were already two girls and we introduced ourselves. After that we got some papers from our teacher and we had the opportunity to test our lockers. I had some problems but I figured it out. When homeroom finished I had to go to French. I already knew my teacher so I wasn’t afraid. Again we introduced ourselves (in French) and this was very funny. Also it was nice to meet Sophie. My next class was study hall where I prepared my blogpost because I had nothing else to do.

After study hall I had US history and I like my teacher. He was kind and I could understand most of it. Microsoft Office was my next class and I didn’t find the room… I had to ask somebody how I get there. The class was funny even though there are just freshmans’ but I think it’s going to be good. In MS Office I got very hungry and I was happy I had Lunch after the lesson. I sat next to Sarah (a friend from Sophie). After Lunch I had Trigonometry and it was difficult to understand because the teacher rushed trough it. I was happy when it was over and English started! I like my English teacher. He is very nice and also funny. We played like a small game where we had to stand up, stand in front of the class, tell your name and take a piece of paper where a question was written. He was like “Any volunteers?” And I don’t know why but I was a volunteer. So everybody was surprised and me too! I mean I hate to start something like this and I did it. Sophie was very proud 😀

Chemistry was my last class and when you know me… Yeah! I DIDN’T like it! Maybe I’m going to change the class but I’m not sure yet. I was so happy when school was over. I met Sophie in the hallway and we walked home. When we arrived I was tired that I took a nap. It was a good decision because we had soccer practice in the evening. Even though I wasn’t playing I didn’t want to fall asleep while I was watching. We arrived at 8:15 pm, prepared lunch for the next day, took a shower and went sleeping.

What a busy day!

PS: I’m sorry I posted this like 3 weeks after my first day of school, but I didn’t have time.

First Week

I can’t believe it! It’s one week ago I came to Ohio. I already love it here. It was a busy week for us and I met a lot of people. On Monday school starts and of course I am very excited but also I’m a bit scared. I just hope that I find all the rooms and so on.

I’m going to give you a quick summary of the week.

Sunday: I arrived at 11:30 in Dayton, Ohio and my host family picked me up. We went to … and ate lunch. After that we drove to my new home and there I prepared my room and so on. In the evening we went to the Fair (Blogpost is coming soon) and I met some friends from Sophie.

Monday: We went to my new High school and I met my Counselor and picked my classes (Blogpost is coming soon). After that we drove back home and had some fun at home. We watched a movie and played video games. It was the first time I played PlayStation and Sophie and I finished the game. We were really proud hahaha. Also I got massured at the wall so my name is at the wall in the kitchen.

Tuesday: Me and my siblings were playing Apple to Apple. It was really funny. Someone gets a card with a word and the others have to chose a word that fits to it. First it was a bit complicated but when you got it, it is easy.

Wednesday: As always we were home and did something together. Also I skyped with my parents. First everything was nice but then I started to cry but I feel better now. In the evening we went to a soccer game from Sophie and it was nice to watch them playing. After that we were at … and ordered a Pizza. I told them my name is Amy because Yari is to hard to spell and they were just locking at me like ”You don’t look like Amy” well… ”You don’t look like you can spell my name right” I love it here hahahaha.

Thursday: We went to my new High school and I had the chance to meet my new teachers and see where I have to go. I already like my teachers. They are very friendly and some of them are very funny. For example my US history teacher. He was repeating my name every time so he could remind it. I met him like three other times and he was always saying my name. Also I like my English teacher. He was like ”We’re going to learn a lot but I will take care that we all have fun”.

Friday: Today we were at home until lunch. After Lunch we went to the work from Susan. We helped her to cut out papers. Together we cut about 900 pieces. We had fun though. After that we walked home and it was nice! Yes, it was nice to walk. Some of you know why haha. Driving car is nice, but sometimes I just need to walk haha. (When you are reading this Gettingers… I love to drive car with you!) In the evening Sophie went to the Fair but I was to tired for it so I stayed home. The sister from Susan came over with her child and we had chinese food. It was really good. After that Susan, Lucy, Will and I watched a movie – Scooby Doo – Again we had a lot of fun.

Saturday: I woke up at 9 o’clock and we went to a soccer game from Sophie near Dayton. After that we drove to … where we went shopping for HOMECOMING!!! It was so cool! We were in two stores and in the first I didn’t find something I like so went went to the second one and there I tried a lot of dresses and it was like in all the movies. I tried them on and the girls (Susan, Sophie and Lucy) told me if they liked it or not. Of course I found a beautiful dress! After that we were in a store to buy a bracelet, earrings, a ring and a small -… For Lunch we ate salad and it was really tasty. At 4 o’clock we drove back home and I felt asleep in the car. In the evening we went to the Fair. One last time… We met another exchange student from Germany and we ate a lot.

Sunday: We went to the church. It’s different than in Germany. First I was a bit scared but it was nice. The people are very friendly. After that we went back home and had to clean up the house because exchange students and their Familys were coming over. We got an orientation from our local rep and after that we talked and so on. In the evening we went to the house from a spanish exchange student and ate dinner there with his host family. We had a lot of fun and the burgers were great! In the evening I prepared my Lunch for my first day of school.

As I told you, it was a busy week!


I did’t correct the text, if there are some mistakes, I’m sorry!


New York!

Hey guys!

I’ve been to NEW YORK CITY and that’s incredible. I mean New York is a huge and beautiful city. I always wanted to visit this city and I finally did. I arrived on August 16th and left August 20th. I spend 3 whole days in NY and walked a lot so I could see a lot of important places.

First of all you should know that this trip was part of my exchange year. Here my adventure began. I was with about 40 exchange students from my organization and we had a lot of fun. It was something else to travel with a group and visit a city so far away.

On the first day we had breakfast and drove with the subway to Times Square. It was sooo nice there. It was empty but this was better. There we had time to buy some stuff. After that we walked to the Grand Central Station and Rockefeller center. Rockefeller center was really nice because the weather was good so we had a great view. 

After that we had time for lunch where we had our first burger and we visited a church. Furthermore we had a lot of time in the Central Park and we walked through the Central Park to our hostel. We made about 24.000 steps that day. Incredible!

The second day it was raining sooo much. It made me really angry but it was part of it. So we left the hostel a bit later than we planed it. Again we drove with the subway but downtown. That day we were visiting the Statue of Liberty. To be honest it was a bit boring, but it was necessary to visit the island! After that we were at the Wall Street and we visited the 9/11 memorial. It was kinda weird to see how so many people are standing in front of the memorial, smiling while they were taking photos … After that we saw the World Trade Center.

The third day we drove to the Brooklyn Bridge. This was my favorite place. I always wanted to visit it and I finally did. We walked over it and of course we took a lot of photos. It was sooo hot and totally full but I liked to walk over it. After that we visited the Chelsea Market, where we could have lunch. There I called my parents and it was really nice to talk to them. Furthermore we decided if we want to go to a museum or go shopping. Even though I wasn’t able to buy a lot of things because my baggage was completely full, I decided to go shopping. Before we went shopping we walked over the High Line. It’s an old railroad and they changed it to a park. It’s about 2 km long and we didn’t know that … We walked very fast through it because we didn’t see others from our group and we thought we were the last … Actually we were the first. After we finished that we walked to macy’s where we had 2 hours for shopping. We just bought food and hung out hahaha.

At the end of the day we had to pack but we were afraid our baggage was going to be to heavy so we just went down and played Billard. We had a lot of fun.

The next day we had to wake up at 4 a.m and leave the hostel at 5 a.m. I checked-in and spent 4 hours at the airport. The first 2 hours I had Leon by my side and after he left I just hung out. My flight went at 10 a.m and it just took me 1 and a half hours to get to Greenville, Ohio.

I hope you enjoyed this blogpost!

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