Leaving Germany

Where is the time?
Tomorrow I’m going to fly to the US… Tomorrow!!!
I still remember how I was saying to my friends ”We have 2 months until I leave, we have a lot of time to have fun” and now???
Now I already said goodbye to the majority of my friends… I had a lot of fun the last few weeks, I had to cry a lot the last few weeks, I had some ‘panic attacks’ the last few weeks but this is part of my exchange year. To be honest it would be boring if this doesn’t happen.

I’m soooo motivated! To talk English all the time, to have fun in New York with my friends, to meet my lovely host family, to go to high school and to meet new people… Awesome!

There are so many things I’d like to write about but then I have the feeling that it’s unnecessary … I mean you can all imagine that I can’t sleep well and eat because I’m so nervous. You can all imagine I had some problems with packing my luggage. You can all imagine that I don’t know how to feel. I mean I’m just leaving for about ten months but I think when I come back a lot of things are going to be different. I AM GOING TO BE DIFFERENT. Even though everybody is telling me ‘Stay how you are’. i can’t. It’s the truth but again: It is part of an exchange year. It maybe sounds like I’m sad when I talk about that but I’m not. I fought 3 years to get the chance of an exchange year. It has been my dream for such a long time so I am very happy and proud that I can do it! THANK YOU to my parents that gave me that chance. I know you are reading that right know so… I love you!

I think this was enough. Just a small message to my german friends: Thanks for the last few weeks. I had a great time and realized that I can be happy to say that you guys are my friends. I’m going to miss you!

We see each others next year! 




My Favorite Award

Hey guys! I got nominated from my friend Marie (YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PB1YJkirWC0) to do this post where I answer 10 questions from her and after that I nominate other people and ask them 10 question. I hope you like it 😀

1. What do you want to do during your exchange year?

During my exchange year I would like to watch a baseball game, because this sport is very popular in Venezuela and I tried to play it in Germany, but I didn’t understand it. I hope I will understand it by watching it 😀

2. Did you already get your host family? If yes, do you have contact?

Yes, I got my family already! First we wrote email and we did skype, but now my host mom got WhatsApp, so we often write and send pictures. Also, I have a lot of contact with my host sister on Snapchat (we already got streaks). I’m so happy about social media. Without them it would be more difficult to get in contact.

3. If you have to decide for one store, where you buy everything, which one would it be?

I would take TARGET! I know that my family members in the US will laughER at me 😀 I try to explain why… My favorite youtuber is Lizza Koshy. She made videos in Target and they are so funny. That’s why my goal was to visit TARGET in the US and I did it! Of course the store isn’t that special, but I have the feeling that we are connected 😛

4. Which stores are you looking forward to? Do you have them in your city?

I’m looking forward to Sephora. I love makeup and this store is very popular. I know it is expensive but we don’t have Sephora in Germany. Also, I’m interested in Urban Outfitters. This store is amazing! I don’t have this stores in Greenville, but no problem 😉

5. Which one is your favorite team?

I don’t have a favorite team to be honest. The only ones I ”know” are New York Yankees and Chicago Bulls. I just watch German soccer and I think that’s why I don’t have a favorite team in the US… I’m sorry! 😀

6. Which one is your favorite city?

I think Seattle. The books I’ve read in the last few years were all playing in Seattle and I feel a bit connected to the city. I also like Santa Monica and of course Atlanta. It was a great experience for me in Atlanta and family members are living there so I’ll always feel connected to Atlanta 🙂

7. American Football vs. Soccer?

Definitely Soccer. I’m sorry America, but my heart belongs to soccer! Always when I watch important games e.g. World Cup I feel like the are no problems anymore, we are one big family and just focus on football. I think in America it’s the same with football but I just know the spirit of soccer.

8. What are you going to miss a lot from Germany?

I’m going to miss my little sister. She is the most important person in my life and I already know that it will be a difficult time for us two. Of course I’m going to miss my parents too, but Emily doesn’t understand why I’m leaving for one year and this is the problem but to be honest. It’s worth it because of the experience.

9. What are you looking forward to most in the US?

Of course my host family. They are the most important thing in the US. I’m going to live 10 months in their house and hopefully I’ll become part of their family. Every day I get more excited to meet them. Especially when I write with them and I think that we’ll spend a great time together.

10. Which one is your favorite city/country you’ve visited already?

Eeeh…. I don’t know. I liked Singapore, Mauritius, Boa Vista and Mallorca. I found a lot of friends in Mallorca and it was a great time. In Mauritius too! I will never forget the time I spend there with my friends and the landscape is amazing. Singapore is just an incredible city! It’s so big and different than the other cities I visited. Boa vista is just a great Island to relax and spend beautiful holidays at the beach.


My questions are:

1. Which subjects would you like to try out in the US?

2. What is your motivation to make an exchange year?

3. What do you think about the school system in comparison to the German one?

4. Are you afraid of something?

5. To which red-letter day are you looking forward?

6. Is there anything you liked to change during your exchange year? (e.g. hair)

7. How are you preparing yourself?

8. Is there anything you HAVE TO take with you?

9. Do you have a favorite state?

10. Which fast food restaurants do you want to visit?

I nominate all who would like to do it 🙂

I hope you liked it and learned a little bit more 😀


My Application

A friend asked me if I could write an entry about my application and of course I can.

First of all, my organization is “into” and I’m very happy! Nowadays there are a lot of organization but everyone should decide which organization is the best for you. For me it was “into”. They have a great program e.g. they have a weekend where they prepare exchange students and there you can learn more about other students. Also, there is an orientation camp in New York and that’s great! So I was on their website and I saw that you can apply there. It was just a short application where you just had to write some basic information (name, number etc.). After that I got a call from a friendly woman who is working for “into” and she invited me for a meeting with my parents. I think this was in October or something like that. This was something I liked a lot, because I felt like they want to explain me everything in detail about my exchange year and that I’m not just a customer.
We met in an office and she explained me how the application will be, what is important to know for making an exchange year and I was able to ask a lot of questions. Also, she also interviewed me in English but that wasn’t a problem. After that we got one month to fill in the application. I had to write a letter to my host family, upload pictures, upload other important documents etc. It was an online application and everything was explained very good. It took a lot of time but it was worth it. I finished it on the 28th of November with my application. This is why I could choose a region where I want to get a family and I decide to choose northeast. After that I had to wait. After some days Into send me an email that they received my papers and everything was fine. After that I had to wait, wait and wait…
Wait for what? My host family! A lot of exchange students get their host family shortly before they fly, but I had a lot of luck and already got my family on the 2nd of April.

Hope the information help some of you 🙂


Welcome to my blog.

I try to upload as often I can and I’m making a blog because I want my family and friends to know what I’m doing in the US and how I am feeling. Also, I am writing my blog in english because I’d like to see how my english skills are going to improve after one year and because my host family should be able to read my blog. Please don’t judge me 😛